London, the year is 1927; massive crowds of people attend the grand opening of Regent Street hosted by the King and Queen.

The past years have been surprising, a Scottish engineer by the name of John Baid has demonstrated a new device he has named “The Television” the City has just began recovering from serious flooding from the previous year.

Chirchill backs Prime Minister Baldwin taking a stance against Unions while troops are deployed across London to keep the peace. Armored vehicles patrol the streets and soldiers deployed to the docks, the strike lasted a total of 9 days.

The Duchess of York gives birth to her first child, Elizabeth the Second.

The start of 1927 comes

A new influenza has broken out, up to 1000 men, women or children are dying every week, if that wasn’t enough floods and gale force winds are racking havoc in the city.

Jazz has come to London, some are loving it and others hating it. Finally tensions between communists and fascist are on the rise

It is late September and winter is around the corner, things have already been cold and many are worried that the trend will continue.


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